Homeowners' Association
Annandale, VA

Results of May 2021 Annual HOA Meeting



Board Vacancies Filled, May 2021

Please help us welcome our new and re-elected board members confirmed by electronic voting on May 27th: Jeff Allen, Russ Anema, Rich Cober, Kevin O'Brian, Miléna Santoro. Biographies of Board Members are posted on the Board Biography page.

The Board would like to recognize the decades of service of our outgoing Treasurer, Keith Fulk. Keith's multiple terms on the Board were characterized by impeccable integrity and accuracy in keeping our neighborhood's finances in order. We all owe him a deep debt of gratitude and wish him and Carolann well as they take advantage of the many hours of free time he will now have!

The Board also would like to thank Kaye Lee for her two years on the Board. She has kept the website up to date and is still helping Miléna get acquainted with the system. Many thanks and best wishes to Kaye and Saehoon as they head off to Utah!

The Next Board meeting will be scheduled shortly, and we will send an email to all homeowners with information in advance of the meeting.



Drive Safely!

With school back in session, be on the watch out for school children and busses in our neighborhood.  

Please remember that Virginia's law requires: 

    -- Drivers must stop for stopped school buses with flashing red lights and an extended stop sign when they approach from any direction on a highway, private road or school driveway. 
    -- Vehicles must stop and remain stopped until all persons are clear and the bus moves again. 
    --You must also stop if the bus is loading or unloading passengers and the signals are not on.
    -- Drivers do not have to stop if they are traveling in the opposite direction on a roadway with a median or barrier dividing the road and the bus is on the opposite side of the median or barrier. 
   -- https://www.google.com/url?q=https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title46.2/chapter8/section46.2-844/&source=gmail&ust=1622299589260000&usg=AFQjCNGaqk0RkVFje-HemTvF36QGE2FB6A">Under Virginia law, the base fine for failing to stop for a school bus is $250.

 VA Bus Law graphic



Prosperity Day

September/ October 2021

We Need Volunteers to Organize Prosperity Day 2021.
Prosperity Day 1

We need someone (or a group of people) to organize this annual event.  Please contact the HOA at board@prosperityheights.org to volunteer to lead or help organize this fun community event.  After a leader volunteers, s/he will also seek additional volunteers to help with all the details. We expect this year's event will be smaller, due to the current pandemic and budgetary constraints, and we welcome all ideas!

Prosperity Day 3