Homeowners' Association

To help keep the streets in good order, please consider taking action if you see street lights, sidewalks, or roads  in need of repair.

For the roads in particular, the Association has an outstanding request to repave the community, but we've been told that everyone in Prosperity Heights should call and put in a service request for them to be prioritized.  Each person will get a number for their complaint.  The VDOT committee reviewing these issues is sure to notice if they have many complaints about the same roads.

Potholes and Repaving

Report a Pothole Contact Customer Service Center, Virginia Department of Transportation




Uneven, cracked, and damaged sidewalks can be reported to VDOT and country authorities.  Interestingly, VDOT has responsibility for sidewalks between Tobin and the north side of Sevan Ct.  The county's sidewalk responsibilities run from the north of Sevan.  See the county website for a map of responsibilities and form to report problems.

Fairfax County Sidewalk Maintenance Information

VDOT Sidewalk Maintenance Form


Street Lights

Non-Functioning Street Light Contact DOMINION VIRGINIA POWER (with the pole number located directly on the streetlight pole)

Phone 866-366-4357