Homeowners' Association

The Prosperity Heights Homeowners Association Board of Directors invites your feedback on three draft resolutions. These resolutions address recordings made of board meetings, conduct during meetings and open forum, and the establishment of an official website blog/message board for communicating with owners. Before the Board considers these resolutions formally, homeowner feedback would be both helpful and welcome and can be used to guide the Board as it considers these resolutions.

In considering the resolutions, you should be aware of applicable Virginia law. Virginia law gives Owners the right to attend Board meetings and to record Board meetings “by audio or visual means.” Owners also have the right to speak at Board meetings, subject to reasonable rules adopted by the Board. The Board may adopt rules “to prevent interference with” a meeting caused by the recording process and may require an Owner to provide notice that the meeting is being recorded. Virginia Code 55.1-1807(3), 55.1-1816(B) and (D).

Please provide feedback using this form (click here). There is one cell for each resolution and an additional cell for other related comments. Please target all comments towards the policy resolutions under consideration. You are welcome to reference specific lines in your comment or provide general comments on the resolutions. Member comments will be communicated to the Board prior to discussion at the January 27th board meeting.

If preferable, members may upload an image of notes on the resolutions, or hand deliver their comments to Andrew Frank at 8461 Sevan Ct for inclusion in the report of feedback.

The comment period began November 17th, 2020, and has been extended to end on January 4, 2021.

Draft re: Recordings

Draft re: Conduct

Draft re: Website