Homeowners' Association

The Board unanimously agreed to the following two resolutions in the interim between the September 2 and November 10 Board meetings.  These will be included in the November 10 meeting minutes and are provided here to the community until those minutes are approved and posted.  

i. Steve Boveri motioned via email: Due to the current environmental restrictions placed upon public meetings for the extended future, personal health concerns, weather conditions restricting outdoor meetings, and virtual meetings being our only option for the long term, I propose we create a Prosperity Heights HOA zoom account for one year at a cost of $150.00. Motion adopted unanimously.

ii. Steve Boveri motioned via email: Whereas an existing fence at 3350 Monarch Lane, lot 147, installed by a previous homeowner without HOA approval, extends into Common Area Parcel F in violation of the Prosperity Heights HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, Article VI section 1 (m) and, Whereas the same article allows the Prosperity Heights HOA Board of Directors to grant temporary use of Common Area to the current homeowner, Therefore be it resolved that Steven Wegener, current owner of 3350 Monarch Lane, lot 147, is granted temporary use for the portion of fence in Common Area Parcel F until such time the house is sold, or any portion/section of the existing fence on the property is repaired, modified, replaced, painted, adjusted etc. which would then terminate the temporary approval, and require Steven Wegener to remove that portion of the fence from Common Area Parcel F. Motion adopted unanimously.U