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This website will be deactivated in April of 2023. Please visit the new PHHOA website at payHOA.



Next Board Meeting

NOTICE:  Our next meeting of the Board of Directors will be in person and will take place on Feb 9th, 2023 at 7pm in the Camelot Elementary School Cafeteria.

Documents and an agenda for the meeting will be available here: Agenda and documents
All homeowners are welcome to attend. Please note that this is a working meeting; other than the open forum which is a time designated for homeowners to speak, Board deliberations should not be interrupted, unless the President chooses to grant time to someone who is not on the Board in order to speak to a specific issue.

Please note that moving forward, this website will cease to be operational and all materials for meetings and announcements to the community will be available on the new PayHOA website.

In addition, all residents should have received their HOA dues invoices in January 2023. If you have not received either an email to activate your account on PayHOA or a postal mailing with the invoice, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Board Biographies


 Jeff Allen  - President (Term 2021-2023): Jeff, his wife Kate, their three children, and dog Bailey have lived in Prosperity heights since 2013 and love the neighborhood. Jeff has worked in finance and accounting for all of his career. Jeff spends most of his free time either coaching, playing, or attending sporting events. His kids attend Camelot Elementary and are active members at Camelot Community Club. Jeff is originally from Michigan where he grew up and went to college. He has called Virginia home now for 15 years. 

Miléna Santoro  - Vice-President (Term 2021-2023): Miléna and her husband Bob moved into the neighborhood in 2000, and have felt so blessed by the support of this amazing community as they have raised their twins, Lauren and Christopher, now both attending university. Miléna, a Canadian expat who is now a proud US citizen, is a professor at Georgetown University and the author of several scholarly books. She has served in leadership roles on the Boards and Executive Councils of several national and international professional associations. Locally, she has volunteered as a Sunday school teacher at her church, and participated in the work of advocacy groups like Lewinsville Faith in Action and OneVirginia2021.

Kevin O'Brien - Treasurer (Term 2021-2023): Kevin and his wife, Allison, have lived in Prosperity Heights since 2020.  They joined the neighborhood after spending the previous decade living in different parts of Arlington, VA.  Kevin is an accountant who started his career working mostly with non-profit organizations, before transitioning to working with real estate companies.  He enjoys watching sports with his wife, though most of the teams they root for are bitter rivals.  Kevin is proud to serve the community that has made his family feel so welcome and looks forward to getting to know his neighbors better through this role.

Sachin TelhanSecretary  (Term 2022 - 2024): Sachin is a local in Annandale, Virginia as he has gone to both Luther Jackson MS and Falls Church High School. In addition, he has attended George Mason University for both his BS and MS degrees. He has lived in the Annadale/Fairfax area for 35+ years and in the Prosperity Heights community for over 12 years. Sachin has two teenagers and is very active in their upbringing and activities. The primary reason why Sachin has joined the HOA Board of Directors is to update our HOA practices so that they are more transparent and allow ample time for homeowners to make voting selections. He is eager and dedicated to make an inclusive environment for minority groups and would like to bring their voices to the board.

Kelsey Gerbig - Director (Term 2022-2024): Kelsey and her husband, Jonathan, have lived in Prosperity Heights since Spring 2021. Previously, they spent a little over a year in Arlington before deciding to put down roots in the area. Before that, they called Michigan their home. Kelsey is a small animal veterinarian (dogs, cats, and the occasional exotic animal), with a special interest in behavioral medicine and preventive care. When not caring for patients at her job, she's taking care of her zoo at home which includes two dogs (Crosby and Ollie), a pride of cats, and several fish. She loves working with her community and volunteers with Fairfax County Animal Shelter on a regular basis. When not taking care of animals, you can find her with a book in the backyard. 

Michael Hayes - Director (Term 2022 - 2024): Michael is an original homeowner, having lived here since 1984. He is a widower, having lost his wife, Vicki, back in 2011. Born in PA, but growing up, attending college and retiring in northern VA, he has chosen to call Prosperity Heights is home for the last 38 years. As a new board member, he hopes to ensure that each and every homeowner has the opportunity to be heard by the board if they have an issue, a unique idea, or helpful suggestion that will make our community an even better place to live in harmony together. He strongly believes that the board should be reflective of, and report to, the members it represents.

Andrew Kysor - Director  (Term 2022 - 2024): Andy and his wife, Devon, moved into Prosperity Heights at the beginning of 2020. They previously lived in Fairfax City after moving from Oklahoma and determined Northern Virginia would be a great area to raise a family. They now have a daughter and love that she’ll grow up in this neighborhood. Andy works as an internal auditor in the telecommunications industry. He enjoys working on cars and attends the occasional track day when time permits. Andy joined the board as he and his family felt like they were accepted as part of the community from the day they moved in and he wants to do what he can to help maintain that amazing environment. 



Budget and Dues

Dues are now billed annually in January. 

Now that the calendar year billing has been instituted, budget deliberations and presentations happen in in the fall. The 2023 previsional budget will be discussed at the Board meeting on October 13, 2022, at 7pm in the cafeteria of Camelot Elementary School. 

Click here for the 2023 Budget proposal included in the Agenda and Meeting documents for the October 13th PHHOA Board meeting.

We are using a new system to send out the invoices for assessments by email. If we have your email you should receive an invoice early in the new year. If we do not have your email address you should receive one via USPS. 
In the future, we may be able to include an option for online payment of the invoice, but for now you will need to write a paper check for payment.

Checks should be made payable to: Prosperity Heights HOA. Submit them to our treasurer, Kevin O'Brien.


Financial Audits

Click the links below to download to your computer

2021 Auditors Report

2021 Audit Management Letter

2021 Audit Attachment documents

2018 Independent Auditors Report
2018 Audit Management Letter
2018 Audit Attachment

Meetings, Minutes, and Members

Board Members

The Home Owner Association Board of Directors for 2022-2023:

  • Jeff Allen, President
  • Kevin O'Brian, Treasurer
  • Miléna Santoro, Vice President, + newsletter and website
  • Sachin Telhan, Secretary
  • Kelsey Gerbig, Director
  • Michael Hayes, Director
  • Andrew Kysor, Director

Biographies are posted at this link.

Thank you to all of our previous Board members for your dedication and service to the neighborhood.

Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held virtually, timing to be determined, unless otherwise posted. The provisional schedule for our upcoming meetings is as follows:

Board meeting July 28, 8:30 pm via zoom to elect new officers. Meeting documents are available here.

The Annual General Meeting held on July 14, at 7pm, in the Camelot Elementary School Cafeteria. Documents for the meeting can be accessed here.

Log in or location details will be posted on the HOA website front page.*

When available, upcoming meeting agendas will be available by clicking here. 
Zoom details are also posted on the home page on the day of the meeting at the latest.

 *  Prosperity Heights HOA Board of Directors meetings are open to the Association Membership.  Prosperity Heights homeowners are welcome, and time will be given for members' comments.  If the board meeting is held in a private home, advance notice must be given to ensure we make space and other appropriate accommodations for non-Board participants.

Committee Meetings

Finance Committee:

All homeowners are invited to committee meetings.  They are currently held via zoom; connection details are generally posted a day before the meeting.

The last meeting date was in December of 2021. 

Last meeting's Agenda: 

1.2022 budget (We will need a Nov Board meeting to approve)

2.Online payment options for upcoming assessments

3.Reserve Study

4.Budget for welcome committee

5.New banking options

Anyone who would like to receive personal notice of future Finance Committee meetings should send and email to the board.

Recent finance committee meetings:

- October, 2021. Notes/Minutes.

- August 18, 2021. Notes/Minutes.

- February 14, 2021. Three documents were considered:  ToDo, Cov Refs, Draft Budget

-  April 11, 2021. Agenda

Meeting Minutes


Minutes approved from the April 2022 meeting are available here.

Minutes approved July 14, 2022 are available here.

2022, January 11, 7pm For all meeting documents, click here. Approved minutes for this meeting will be posted after the next Board meeting.


2021, November 3, 7pm: Agenda, PH Finance update, and 2022 Budget Proposal. Minutes will be posted once approved by the Board.

2021 September 14, 7pm: Agenda, Zoom instructions, and documents package; Minutes approved at the HOA Board meeting on November 3.

2021 March 23: Minutes

2021 May 25 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners: Agenda Package,Vote Tally 2021, Slideshow; Minutes
2021 March 23:  AgendaFinance Update, Finance Comm Resolution Adopted, Minutes (awaiting approval)
2021 January 27: Agenda, Voting Draft Resolution, Minutes


2020 November 10: Agenda, Minutes
2020 September 17: Special Meeting of the Board Minutes
2020 September 2: Minutes, Slidedeck
2020 July 29 Board Meeting

2020 July 13 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners: Slidedeck, Minutes, Director Vote Tally

2020 June 24 Board Meeting 
020 June 10 Board Meeeting
2020 April 1 Board Meeting


2019 October 7 Board Meeting
2019 August 16 Board Meeting
2019 April 25 Board Meeting

2019 April 25 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners Minutes

2019 January 1 Board Meeting


2018 July 26 Board Meeting

2018 April 24 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners Minutes

2018 February 22 Board Meeting



Prosperity Heights is a Community Parking District encompassing 208 single family homes in Northern Virginia. The homes in Prosperity Heights were built in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

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