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This website will be deactivated in April of 2023. Please visit the new PHHOA website at payHOA.



Prosperity Heights enjoys the benefits of established trees and wooded areas, but that also means a lot of fall leaves to gather up during the fall season. Given that the pandemic has meant many more people work from home, and/or stay home to take care of their children, we request that everyone keep this in mind when operating blowers or other high-decibel tools. Please be considerate of your neighbhors and keep the noise pollution to a minimum during work or naptime hours. And remember, leaves and yard debris should be put out at the curb in paper (not plastic) bags or in the appropriate bins for pickup. 


Prosperity Heights is a Community Parking District encompassing 208 single family homes in Northern Virginia. The homes in Prosperity Heights were built in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

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