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Fall leaves and being neighborly

Prosperity Heights enjoys the benefits of established trees and wooded areas, but that also means a lot of fall leaves to gather up during the fall season. Given that the pandemic has meant many more people work from home, and/or stay home to take care of their children, we request that everyone keep this in mind when operating blowers or other high-decibel tools. Please be considerate of your neighbhors and keep the noise pollution to a minimum during work or naptime hours. And remember, leaves and yard debris should be put out at the curb in paper (not plastic) bags or in the appropriate bins for pickup. 

News and updates


The Annual General Meeting was held on July 14 in the Camelot Elementary School Cafeteria at 7pm. At the meeting, four new directors joined the Board by acclamation: Kelsey Gerbig, Michael Hayes, Andrew Kysor and Sachin Telhan. Welcome to all our new directors! We thank outgoing Board President Steve Boveri, outgoing secretary Andrew Frank, and outgoing directors Monica Duggal and Gerald Ray for their dedication to serving our community and working collaboratively with the Board members. 

The next Board Meeting will be held on February 9th, 2023, 7:00 pm in the cafeteria of Camelot Elementary School. Click here for the AGENDA and supporting documents.

At the July 28 Board meeting, a new slate of officers was elected:

Jeff Allen, President

Miléna Santoro, Vice-President

Kevin O'Brien, Treasurer

Sachin Telhan, Secretary

Congratulations to the new officers and welcome again to our newest Board members. Biographies of all the Board members will be posted here, when available. 

Approved minutes from the Board meetings are now available under the HOA > Meetings, Minutes, and Members tab. Finance committee documents are also located there. 

We have also created a dropbox folder to store all documents and agendas. For issues with access to the documents via the dropbox, please contact the Board.

Click on the link to see the 2022 fall newsletter. 

If you are new to our neighborhood and want to be on the email list to get announcements and the newsletter, please send your contact information and address to Miléna Santoro (c/o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so you can be added to our database. Welcome to all our new neighbors! 


Announcement on Common Areas and signage

As per the HOA Board vote of November 3, 2021:

For now, until further discussion, no signs will be allowed on common areas in the neighborhood except those recognizing neighborhood graduates and notices of board meetings.

Addendum: resolution voted by the HOA Board on January 11, 2022:

If anything is put in the common area that is not approved by the Board, the Board will use all official Board channels to contact the homeowners to ask for the item to be removed within 72 hours. If it is not removed by the individual who placed it, the Board will remove the item and store it. Homeowners can reach out to the Board to retrieve their property.

Retention Pond Info and Volunteer Request

In January 2021, Fairfax County removed debris from the retention pond on Monarch Lane to allow the water to flow through it as originally planned. However, this work may not fix what has been a recurring problem. Some residents may have noted additional county vehicles in the area in early February, 2022. They are working on the issue.

The Board is seeking volunteers to engage with the county on a longer term solution. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to help!


Prosperity Heights is a Community Parking District encompassing 208 single family homes in Northern Virginia. The homes in Prosperity Heights were built in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

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